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Most Popular BET Shows

An eclectic list, that shows the range of the Black Entertainment Television network's range, from reality TV, to family sitcom, and even animated action.

Shows Like Static Shock: Heroes of Color Save the Day!

Batman, Superman, and Spidey are well and good, but they don't bring much by way of diversity, unlike these kids shows that star people of color saving the day.

Shows Like Superman: Caped Crusader Toons

Comic book superheroes everyone will recognize - Spidey, Supe, Batman, et al. - take to the small screen, in this list of greatest animated hits.

Best Marvel Animated Shows

It may seem Marvel is churning out a blockbuster every other week, but as hard as they're working on the live-action movies, they're working twice as hard on the TV animation. Enjoy the fruits of their labor right here, with a list of the best Marvel cartoon shows ever.