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Shows like DIsney Gallery the Mandalorian: Making Movies TV

Movies about making movies and TV shows may be a bit meta for some viewers, but are perfect for film buffs who want to know how obsessive directors made classic films like Heart of Darkness or series like The Mandalorian.

Psychedelic Documentaries

These documentaries explore the chemistry of mind-altering substances, along with some of LSD's biggest fans, including Hunter S. Thompson and Syd Barrett.

At the Movies: Documentaries for Film Buffs

Documentaries about legendary directors like Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick, and Werner Herzog, the process of making movies, profiles of fanatical film buffs (Cinemania), and beloved critic Roger Ebert (Life Itself).

Beat and Gonzo Documentaries

Covering topics from Gonzo journalism to underground comix, these biographical documentaries track the rise of the satirical (and often LSD-inspired) beat and gonzo esthetic.