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Positive Health Documentaries

Shows that explore ways to improve your health through a variety of means, including the usual suspects--a healthy diet, exercise, and relaxation--as well as some less obvious means like music and psychedelics.

Documentaries about Everyday Heroes

Many documentaries expose problems but don't offer solutions--these shows, in contrast, tell the stories of ordinary people tackling big problems--inspirational stuff!

Human Brain Documentaries

Cerebral by name, cerebral by nature, these shows are all about the human brain and the people who try to understand the workings of our minds.

Living with Mental Illness Documentaries

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the largest cause of disability globally, and that's before you add in other debilitating mental illnesses.

The Healing Power of Music Documentaries

These documentaries show how music can help individuals cope with and recover from a diverse range of illnesses and disabilities.

Critical Big Health Documentaries

Hard-hitting documentaries that take on the medical-industrial complex and expose how a broken health-care system cost lives.