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Shows Like Big Mouth: Adolescence Gets Animated

With ranging degrees of raunchiness (and accuracy), these animated shows depict the trials of puberty.

Shows Like Degrassi: Canadian Teens Have it Hard, Eh?

Don't know what Degrassi is? Assume from the name it's some sort of upscale seltzer water? Well, you are in for a rude awakening with this collection of hard-hitting Canadian teen dramas.

Shows Like Daria: Animated Tweenagehood for Girls

These tweenage and teenage girls may be 2 dimensional drawings, but sometimes they'll understood your trials better than your parents ever could; 'As Told by Ginger', 'Daria', and more.

Shows Like 6teen: Canadian Teen & Tween Animated Shows

'6teen' and 'Stoked' fans will appreciate this collection of Canadian shows that deal with the awkward 'tween' years.