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Most Popular Reality Shows Ever

Love 'em or hate 'em, these iconic reality shows have made the genre what it is, and created literally hundreds of spin-offs between them.

Shows like 16 and Pregnant: 'The Miracle of Birth' Reality

Experience the miracle of birth, as presented by your favorite reality TV network; talk about being a child star, these tots have been famous before they could speak!

MTV Reality Shows

The undisputed king of reality television, MTV, has brought audiences some of the biggest names in the genre: 'Pimp My Ride', 'Cribs', and 'Super Sweet Sixteen', to name a few.

'Shows like Supernanny': 'When Parenting Gets Complicated' Reality Shows

Unruly kids, unplanned kids, or simply an ungodly number of kids: the family dynamic in these shows is best described as 'complicated'.