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Shows Like 1000 Ways to Die: Best Spike Reality TV Shows

Who knew there were 1000 ways to die? We just thought it was just your heart stopping. Anyway, learn this, and many more interesting tidbits with Spike's male oriented, reality TV heavy selection of series.

Movies for Horrible Histories Fans

Movies for fans of the 'Horrible Histories' franchise, where the audience is taken along for an absurd journey into the distant past.

Shows like Penn and Teller: Bullshit Hunters

While there may be a grain of truth to many urban legends, there is usually a mountain of bullshit surrounding it, which these intrepid detectives uncover through research and direct scientific testing.

TV Mysteries Investigated Shows

Follow down the winding road of these mystery investigations, there’ll be loose ends, dead ends and more than a raised eyebrow or two.

Shows Like America's Funniest Home Videos: Home-Video Schadenfreude Shows

Schadenfreude, defined as pleasure at another person's misfortune, is never stronger than when watching someone screw up a skateboarding trick, and land nads first on a steel rail.

Shows like Surviving Death: Documentaries about Death

Learn about the universal truth of mortality with these fascinating shows about death, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and the afterlife.