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Tom Hanks Movies

Simply one of the greatest actors of all time, Hanks never fails to bring warmth, poignancy, and depth to any character he plays. In fact, we still can't eat a box of chocolates without thinking of him… and life, of course.

Tom Hanks Comedy

Tom Hanks innate warmth is what makes his comedic efforts so successful. Laugh along with 'The Money Pit', 'Turner and Hooch', and 'Big' as you explore Hanks's complete comedic oeuvre.

Tom Hanks Romance

In 'Sleepless in Seattle' Hanks showed himself equally capable of capturing women's hearts as he was at capturing nazi-controlled beaches in 'Saving Private Ryan' ( in fairness, the two are actually quite similar). Enjoy this collection of his leading romantic roles, and make sure to check out newer addition 'Larry Crowne'.

Meg Ryan Romance

We're not quite sure how many romantic comedies Meg Ryan has appeared in over the course of her career, but it's well into the double digits.