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List Of 1983 Films

Some early 80s classics for you, a surprisingly long list of classic flicks. We'd recommend early RomCom classic 'Valley Girl'.

Movies Based on Nobel Prize Literature

Yes, yes - we know that books can't win Nobel prizes, just authors. But our titles can only be so long, and you get the picture: the best filmic adaptations of works written by Nobel prize winning authors.

Movies Like Stepford Wives: Classic Feminist Statements

The greatest movies advancing the cause of women's rights from decades past.

'Loud and Proud': LGBT Musicals!

Musicals featuring characters proudly and loudly expressing their sexuality. Includes such classics as 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' and 'Victor Victoria'.

'Movies like Fiddler on the Roof': Mature Musical Classics

A collection of musicals addressing mature themes, like 1997 smash-hit 'Evita'.