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'Movies Like Ride Along': Buddy Cop Comedy 2.0

Geek and jock; Maverick and straight-arrow; Wisecracking African-American and semi prejudiced white-guy; whatever the hilarious mismatch is between partners, these 21st century cop comedies are sure to amuse.

'Dada Hahas': Modern Surrealist Comedy

A contemporary collection of comedy that comes straight from the dreamscape, featuring the likes of 'Frank', 'The Science of Sleep', and 'Eagle vs. Shark'. It may leave you feeling a little off-balance, but you know what rhymes with delirious? Hilarious!

'Awesome List, Great Job': Adult Swim Movies

Movies produced by Adult Swim, or related to Adult Swim shows. Check out such modern cult classics as 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force', 'Billion Dollar Movie', and 'Black Dynamite'. Absurdist gold!