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List Of 2004 Romantic Comedy Films

Everyone loves early noughties romcom classic 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', but why not check out 'Sideways' for something a little less well known.

'Wilde's Favourite List': Charming British Dramedy

Movies in the vein of 'About a Boy': Pitch-perfect British dramas, with some dry humour to take the edge off. Make sure to check out recent pro-LGBT flick 'Pride' for a musical treat, which may have slipped some of the US audience's radar!

'Movies Like Love and Basketball': Ballin' Sports RomComs

It doesn't get much more feel-good than these sports based romantic comedies, featuring the likes of 'Love and Basketball' and 'Fever Pitch'! Word to the wise: unless you have a Mithridatic level of tolerance for fluff, avoid Gerald Butler in 'Playing for Keeps'.

'Movies Like Ice Princess': Girl-Power Sports Movies

Assemble a team of under-confident misfits - check. Dress up like a dude to play on the boys' team - check. Defy your orthodox parents and help them to revise their gender paradigm - check. Tick all the boxes with these girl power sports movies.

'Movies Like Wimbledon': Top 5 Tennis Movie RomComs

To be fair, there aren't many more than 5 tennis based romantic comedies, but we've got the best of 'em right here, that's for sure! 'Wimbledon' fans are sure to enjoy.

'Bridget Jones & Co.': English Romantic Comedy

As 'Bridget Jones' fans will attest to, nobody does RomComs like British; dry humor, charmingly eccentric supporting casts, and - of course - if you were to throw a dart blindfolded a 75% chance of hitting Hugh Grant.