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'Movies Like While You Were Sleeping': 'Knock on the Head' RomComs

While brain damage is typically pretty serious stuff, these romcoms in the vein of 'While You Were Sleeping' use the amnesia trope for some perfectly memorable romantic escapades.

Korean Fantasy Romance TV

These romantic comedies and dramas feature fantasy elements like time travel, ghosts, and holographic love interests.

Sandra Bullock Romance

A true silver-screen queen. We'd recommend 'While You Were Sleeping' for some classic Bullock romcom goodness.

Best Korean RomCom TV

A round-up of some of the best romantic comedies from Korea--don't be fulled by the ghosts, reincarnation, or superpowers, these RomComs excel at the basics--will they or won't they, opposites attracting, and love conquering all; don't expect explicit sex scenes, just sweet and surprisingly poignant love stories.

Korean Crime TV: Criminally Good K-Dramas

Series featuring detectives, honest police officers, and the criminals they try to put behind bars.

'Movies like Pretty Woman': Best 90s RomComs

Clinton, Gameboys, a newly vanquished Soviet Union, we really did have it all during the 90s! Enjoy the 'golden decade's' finest Romantic produce with this collection of lighthearted RomComs, including 'Emma', 'The Wedding Singer', and 'Never Been Kissed'.