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'Movies Like Mary and Max': Dark Animation for Adults

You can get away with all sorts of nasty things when you're not using actors...mwhahaha. Check out the dark depths of human imagination with this collection of animated films best enjoyed by adults!

'Movies Like Waking Life': Animated Drama Movies

Critically acclaimed animated hidden gems for adults; or alternatively a great way to speed up the emotional maturation of children. Make sure to check out critically-acclaimed Israeli film 'Waltz With Bashir', based on the graphic-novel.

'Movies Like The Iron Giant': Non-Disney Animated Classics

We love Disney, everybody loves Disney, but sometimes you can love Disney a little too much, and you end up watching Mulan 6 times during one summer. So, here you have it: non-Disney animated classics, just like it says on the tin!

Best 70s Kids Films

Movies that 45-55 year olds will recognize with a wistful sigh. Well, why not relive the glory days by handing down these great stories to your youngsters! With that mentality, people will be watching 'The Bad News Bears' for centuries to come.

'Movies Like Oliver Twist': Throwback British Family Flicks

Please sir, may we have some more of these classic British family films? That is what your children will be asking you (in weird cockney accents) after you give them a taste of the cinematic gold on this collection of the best British family flicks from yesteryear!