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'Movies Like Ride Along': Buddy Cop Comedy 2.0

Geek and jock; Maverick and straight-arrow; Wisecracking African-American and semi prejudiced white-guy; whatever the hilarious mismatch is between partners, these 21st century cop comedies are sure to amuse.

'Movies Like In Bruges': Directed by the McDonaghs

Enjoy the dark directorial fruits of brothers John Michael and Martin McDonagh, including 'In Bruges' and 'Calvary'. Like Tarantino if he were Irish and had witnessed a few more tragic accidents!

'For the Craic!': Best Irish Comedy Movies

This stellar collection of Irish comedy is chock full of hilarious one-liners, if you can understand them through the brogues that is. Sit down with a tall glass of Guinness, some Colcannon, and a burning hatred for the English, and enjoy!