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'Movies Like Paddington': British Kids Flicks

There's something for everyone in this collection of contemporary Brit-tastic kids and family movies - although note we only included the first two Harry Potters, as the others might scare some of the younger tykes!

'Movies Like Wallace and Gromit': Charming British Claymation

These films may take 10 years to make, but boy are they worth the wait! Enjoy our collection of british claymation movies, oozing with charm. Includes the 'Wallace and Gromit' series as well as recent Wes Anderson addition 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'.

'Movies Like Oliver Twist': Throwback British Family Flicks

Please sir, may we have some more of these classic British family films? That is what your children will be asking you (in weird cockney accents) after you give them a taste of the cinematic gold on this collection of the best British family flicks from yesteryear!