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Best 70s Horror Movies

Known as the slasher's heyday, the 70s has a lot to offer horror-hounds, and we've collected the cream of the crop. Check out 'The Other' for a suitably creepy hidden-gem featuring a set of twins on an isolated farm; one seems like a norma little boy, the other... not so much.

'Movies Like Suspiria': Classic Foreign Horror

Efforts from the Italians, French, Japanese, Spanish, and many more, make up this truly diverse collection of classic foreign-language horror films. Go on, pat yourself on the back and feel cultured as you enjoy helpless victims of all colors and creeds meet their gory, totally undeserved, deaths!

'Movies Like Mary Poppins': Vintage Fantasy Flicks

No spoonfuls of sugar necessary to help this list go down, these vintage fantasy flicks are sweet enough! Enjoy such beloved live-action fantasy classics as the 'Seventh Voyage of Sinbad', 'The Thief of Baghdad', and, of course, 'The Wizard of Oz', as you revisit the wondrous corners of our forbearers' collective imagination!

'Movies Like Suspiria': Erotic Euro-Horror Classics

And you thought you knew Euro Trash? You ain't seen nothing until you've checked out this collection of sadistic witches, scantily clad vampires, and sex-obsessed demons.