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'Movies Like Platoon': Best War Movies of all Time

An eclectic selection of the best modern warfare (20th century onwards) related movies of all time, all the way from 'Run Silent Run Deep' to 'American Sniper'. If you're a war-buff, we're sure you won't walk away empty-handed!

'Movies Like Crimson Tide': Action-Packed Submarines

These sub-aquatic action thrillers will leave you gasping for air. When gunshots mean slow death for everyone, you have a limited supply of air, and there's nowhere to run, you can be pretty sure of an exciting ride! Make sure to check out 'Das Boot' for one of the greatest war movies of all time!

'Movies Like Saving Private Ryan': Modern World War 2 Movies

In turn tragic, inspiring, and action-packed, this list has all the best contemporary World War 2 movies since Steven Spielberg's gritty masterpiece'Saving Private Ryan'. Check out 'Downfall' for a harrowing portrait of Hitler's final days.