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'Movies Like The Hot Chick': Comedy in the Sandler School

How to define Sandler's unique comedic style? Goofy, warm, relatable, gruff? These films take the Sandman's aesthetic and run with it - for some similarly light-hearted and consistently entertaining results.

'Movies Like Kingsman': Modern Spy Comedy

James Bond they're not, hilarious they are; enjoy this collection of the very finest super-agent spoof flicks around (of which there are quite a few). Make sure you check out the most recent addition, Melissa McCarthy's critically acclaimed comedy 'Spy' !

Movies Like the Do-Over: Sandler Crowd Action-Comedy

Kevin James, David Spade, and Adam Sandler lead these goofy action-comedies, which range from family-friendly (Paul Blart) to decidedly raunchy (The Do-Over).