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Ben Affleck Drama

Having risen from the depths of 'Gigli' to become one of Hollywood's most respected actor/directors, Ben Affleck has plenty to offer in this collection of his dramatic roles.

Visually Stunning Indie Dramas

A collection of dramas with an indie feel, which communicate their emotional message through intense visuals. Make sure to check out Brad Pitt's 'Tree of Life' for a transcendental journey through space, time, and adolescence.

Ben Affleck Movies

After playing arrogant jock asshole O'Bannion in Linklater's 1993 teen-comedy 'Dazed and Confused', Ben Affleck has had plenty of occasion to play arrogant mobster assholes, arrogant angelic assholes, and arrogant corporate assholes. Personally we can't wait to see him play an arrogant crime-fighting asshole!

Ben Affleck Romance

Wait, so how many times has Ben Affleck co-starred with J-Lo? Do the math for yourself with this collection of Affleck's romantic roles.

'A Painter of Films': Terrence Malick Movies

One of the greatest directors of our age, Terrence Malick has made a name for himself with his contemplative, dreamlike films, including the recent addition 'Knight of Cups'. What do you expect from a chap who wrote his thesis on the 'concept of world'?