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'Movies Like The Jungle Book': Classic Children's Book Adaptations

It's hard to find a more concentrated amount of nostalgia than in our collection of these classic film adaptations of classic children's books. Grab some warm milk and enjoy!

'Movies Like Toy Story': Best 90s Kids Movies

The 90s witnessed the 1995 gamebreaker 'Toy Story' as well as Disney's renaissance with the 'Lion King', 'Pocahontas', and 'Aladdin'. Enjoy the very best of this pivotal decade with our collection of the best 90s kids movies out there.

'Movies Like Matilda': Roald Dahl Stories

One of the world's greatest children's writers comes to life on the big screen, with flicks such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'Witches', and the frankly unexpected adult drama'Four Rooms'.

'Movies Like Hocus Pocus': Horror for the Tots

Halloween night and looking to pop something on for the kids? Or simply an emotionally malformed adult who cannot take much stimulation? Why not pop in one of these family friendly horror flick. Casper, Beetlejuice, and the Addams clan are all waiting to give you some gentle spooks!

'Movies Like Oliver Twist': Throwback British Family Flicks

Please sir, may we have some more of these classic British family films? That is what your children will be asking you (in weird cockney accents) after you give them a taste of the cinematic gold on this collection of the best British family flicks from yesteryear!

Movies Like Casper: 90s Halloween Throwbacks

It's Halloween and you want to watch a spooky movie both you and the tots will enjoy; why not pick one of these Halloween throwbacks from the 90s, including Casper and Halloweentown!