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Brendan Gleeson Crime/Comedy

Irreverant, gruff, and Irish to the bone - most know Brendan Gleeson from his collaborations with John Michael McDonagh, but his filmography has plenty more to offer in the form of lesser known Irish independent gems such as 'Perrier's Bounty' and 'I Went Down'.

'Movies Like The Commitments': Grand Irish Feel-Goods

Not every Irishman simply drinks when they want to feel good - many watch uplifting films, and sure don't want they want a few native choices. 'The Commitments' leads the pack, alongside 'Good Vibrations', and newbie 'Sing Street'.

'For the Craic!': Best Irish Comedy Movies

This stellar collection of Irish comedy is chock full of hilarious one-liners, if you can understand them through the brogues that is. Sit down with a tall glass of Guinness, some Colcannon, and a burning hatred for the English, and enjoy!