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'Movies like Se7en': Modern Psychological Horror

A list crowned by recent Australian masterpiece, 'The Babadook' - which, for our money, is the best film of its ilk released in recent years. For those not in the know, psychological horror relies less on blood and guts and more on brains: playing on the audience's unconscious fears, toying with the uncanny, and making strategic use of silence.

'Movies Like Mad Max': The World Post Apocalypse

Watch out for the zombies...and the vampires...and the robots...oh, and don't forget the super-intelligent chimpanzees in these 21st century flicks. Personally, we'd just give up if placed in most of the situations in this collection of modern post-apocalyptic wasteland thrillers.

Movies Like Bird Box: Sensory Deprivation Horror

Horror movies in which the hapless victims are either deprived of their senses, or forced to suppress them in order to avoid detection. Based on Netflix's recent original horror films, this would appear to be a rising trend.

Netflix Original Horror Movies

Netflix has backed up its preeminence in the Horror TV genre with solid original horror flicks like 'Hush' and, more recently, 'The Ritual'.