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'Movies Like A Monster in Paris': Animated Hidden Gems

Have you watched 'Up' 10 times by now? Looking for some high quality animation off the beaten track? Then look no further than this list of the best animated films you've never heard of.

'Movies Like ET': Best 80s Kids Movies

Who are you going to call? If it weren't for the decade that brought you 'Ghostbusters' you would have no answer for that question. Enjoy this collection of the very finest family movies from the 1980s.

'Movies Like The Iron Giant': Non-Disney Animated Classics

We love Disney, everybody loves Disney, but sometimes you can love Disney a little too much, and you end up watching Mulan 6 times during one summer. So, here you have it: non-Disney animated classics, just like it says on the tin!

'Movies Like The Black Cauldron': Animated Sword & Sorcery Classics

Wizards, elves, quests, treasure - this list has the lot, all depicted in a beautiful classic animation style. For the geeky 8 year old who dreams of being a knight in all of us.