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Oscar Best Picture Nominees 80s

The decade that brought you 'Raging Bull', 'Raiders of the Lost Ark, and 'Rain Man'. Check out these and more with this comprehensive list of the 1980s Oscar best-picture nominees.

List Of 1983 Films

Some early 80s classics for you, a surprisingly long list of classic flicks. We'd recommend early RomCom classic 'Valley Girl'.

Best 80s Drama

A list featuring Tom Cruise as both disaffected Vietnam vet and homo-erotically charged fly-boy. Say what you will, the man has range!

Best Aviation Movies for High Fliers

Aviation movies that won't leave enthusiasts and pilots with a bad taste in their mouths (except, maybe, Top Gun); Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earheart, and more military heroes than you could shake a stick at.

'Movies Like October Sky': Feel Good Astronaut Movies

To be honest, Astronauts probably don't feel good very often - they're always under extreme G-Force, lightyears from their families, pounding little dried ice-cream sandwhiches. Still, at the very least WE can feel good watching them, with these heartwarming astro-tales!

Movies Like First Man: Realistic Movies About NASA

Sorry, no little green men on this list: just realistic (or at least plausible) depictions of NASA missions. Check out 'First Man' for a recent entry starring Ryan Gosling.