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Best Western Movies

Who doesn't love cowboys? Well... to be fair, large-scale bureaucratic ranchers, frontier based law enforcement, and of course the entire Native American population. Fine. Those demographics aside, all are sure to love this list of the best westerns ever!

'Movies Like The Road': Movies Scored by Nick Cave

A surprisingly cohesive group of films scored by Nick Cave; apparently you don't have a pensive western unless you have a Nick Cave soundtrack to back it up!

'Movies Like The Homesman': Frankly Depressing Westerns

Growing up we though the wild west was all about awesome gun battles, cheap whiskey, and riding bareback in to the sunset; not so, these modern westerns argue: the wild west was about slow panoramas, undiagnosed mental illness, and unbearable guilt.

Modern Down-Under Drama

From the nation that gave us Kidman, Gibson, and Crowe - enjoy this list of Australia's very finest modern drama, including crime family epic 'Animal Kingdom' and chilling biopic 'Chopper', depicting the life of Australia's most notorious criminal.

'Movies Like Django Unchained': Modern Wild Westerns

Modern Westerns set in the days when it was still wild, wild - watch directors reinvent familiar themes, settings, and archetypes, as they keep the definitive American genre alive and relevant. Make sure to check out 'Slow West' for a recent addition starring Michael Fassbender!

Forget Indians, Try Emotions: The Depressive Western

If you thought the wild west was about cheap whiskey, thrilling gold hunts, and saloon shoot-outs, think again. These Cowboys are more concerned with a haunting sense of emptiness than renegade Indians.

'Movies Like The Proposition': The Great Aussie Western

Contemporary westerns set in the outback of Australia, including the appropriately named 'Australia' and 'The Proposition' (starring a dusty Thor without his hammer). That's not a cowboy, now THIS is a COWBOY!

'Gunfire Down Under': Modern Aussie Action/Crime

Nowhere breeds tough guys like the outback! Check out the very best action and crime movies the land down under has to offer from 1990 onwards; includes recent indie gem 'The Rover' and critically acclaimed Western 'The Proposition' - starring none other than Aussie native Chris Hemsworth!