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Best Sports Movies

Get off the couch, put your sneakers on, stretch and... back on the couch to enjoy our selection of the very best sports movies.

'Movies Like Moneyball': Baseball Movie Homeruns

America's two favorite pastimes - baseball and sitting on the couch - meet in one list! Enjoy this list of the best baseball movies from across the decades.

'Sweat, Blood, Tears': Life of an Athlete

This list can only make us dread the inevitable biopic of Floyd "Money" Mayweather, played by a yappy Kevin Hart. But until that day this list consists solely of great biographical gems: some modern, like 'The Express', some undisputed classics, like 'Raging Bull'.

'Final Quarter': Terminal Illness Sports Drama

Some of the all-time sporting greats never got to realize their full potential as their careers were cut short (or marred) by a sudden terminal illness. Such was the case for Heisman winning running back Ernie Davis, while Yankee first basemen Lou Gehrig, went out on top, but too soon. Others, the scrappy understudies who hang on to realize the dream of being a pro-player too were pulled from the roster, nit by desire but by disease. Most selected below are of actual men, the fictional account too pulls at the sense of mortality and the void a death leaves behind just as effectively. These are movies that will make any man with any sense of heart, bawl into his hankie. - Curated by Tom Meek; check out Tom's blog here

Classic Athlete Biopics

Athletic legends from yesteryear are immortalized in these compelling biopics. And considering most were around before steroids you know they deserve their legacies!