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'Old New Black': Gritty 70s Neo-Noir

With 'The Long Goodbye', 'Chinatown', and 'The French Connection', it could well be argued that Neo-Noir peaked in the 1970s; get your weekly quota of grit with this collection of the decade's greatest hits.

Screw Action Bronson, Try Bronson Action

Want action, try Bronson - with this compendium of the legend's most thrilling films, including 'Death Wish' and 'The Mechanic'. Times come and go, Bronson's mustache remains the same.

'Movies Like Dirty Harry': Best 70s Action

Packed with martial arts masters, hard-edge cops, and twitchy gunslingers - this list of 70s action greats is not for no-good long-hairs hippy freaks! Make sure to check out 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' for one of the greatest Spaghetti Westerns Eastwood ever produced, as well as 'The Warriors' for a cult favorite!