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'Movies Like The Great Gatsby': Loudest Roaring 20s Movies

In between the first world war and great depression, our 20th century forbearers were apparently able to have a bit of fun, doing twisty, angular dance moves, drinking champagne out of tall glasses, and wearing headbands with feathers in 'em. Sounds alright!

'Movies Like Anna Karenina': Russian Literature on the Screen

If Tolstoy is your boy, then you'd better check out this collection of movies based on classics of Russian literature: including 'Anna Karenina' (the original and remake), 'Lolita', and, of course, 'The Brothers Karamazov. наслаждаться!

'Movies Like Searching for Bobby Fischer': Best Chess Movies

These great chess movies mean no more watching games from afar at your local park; perfect for everyone from enthusiasts to grandmasters.

'Movies Like Life of a King': Knights in Shining Armor

Mentors, often troubled themselves, teach the game of chess to underprivileged youths, helping them find confidence, patience, and foresight in the process.