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Best Horror Movies 2013

Here it is, from the little-known indies to Hollywood blockbusters: the best horror movies of 2013, otherwise known as 'the year of the sequel': with relatively well-received revamps in the Evil Dead, Insidious, and V/H/S franchise!

Rob Zombie Horror

No, Zombie is not his real last name - which just shows his devotion to the genre. Enjoy this guru of gore's neo-grindhouse masterpieces, including 'The Devil's Rejects' and 'House of 1000 Corpses'.

'Movies Like House of 1000 Corpses': Neo-Grindhouse Horror

Exploitation horror is revived with this collection of modern horror movies with a grindhouse feel, including gratuitous teen horror 'Piranha 3D', frankly ill-conceived Japanese effort 'Father's Day', and Tarantino gem 'Death Proof'. Horror doesn't get bloodier than this!