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'Movies Like Mulan 2': Overlooked Disney Sequels

Disney classics have all sorts of sequels that are tragically underviewed; here’s your chance to watch all your favorite characters in brand-spanking-new (to you) adventures! Make sure to check out 'Fantasia 2000' and 'The Lion King 2'!

'Movies like Tangled': The Disney Princess Parade!

Why do all little girls innately believe in the Divine Right of monarchs? Has one eight year old ever questioned the grave socio-economic injustice at the heart of her favorite princesses's opulent lifestyle? For love of God, make her read a passage of Marx for every film on this list she watches.

'Movies Like Aquamarine': Kid-Friendly Mermaid Movies

While you might think ALL mermaid movies are kid friendly, the truth is quite the opposite (just look in the related lists) - so, we've navigated the minefield to find you most lighthearted aquatic adventures out there.