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List Of 1989 Films

1989, what a year! Sure, the Berlin Wall came down, but more importantly Uncle Buck came out, and boy what a barrel of laughs!

'Movies Like Ponyo': Top Kids Fish Movies

The best aquatic kids movies, from 'The Little Mermaid' all the way up to Nemo, Dory, and the gang; sure to make a splash with your young ones!

'Movies Like ET': Best 80s Kids Movies

Who are you going to call? If it weren't for the decade that brought you 'Ghostbusters' you would have no answer for that question. Enjoy this collection of the very finest family movies from the 1980s.

'Movies Like The Lion King': Classic Disney Movies

It doesn't get much more classic than a Disney classic; CGI is all well and good, but some times nothing but a hand-drawn, sing-along childhood favorite will hit the spot! Make sure to check out 60s Sword-and-Sorcery gem 'The Sword in the Stone' if you haven't already!

'Movies like Tangled': The Disney Princess Parade!

Why do all little girls innately believe in the Divine Right of monarchs? Has one eight year old ever questioned the grave socio-economic injustice at the heart of her favorite princesses's opulent lifestyle? For love of God, make her read a passage of Marx for every film on this list she watches.

'Bygone Sing-Alongs': Family Musical Classics

Don't act like you don't know the words to these classic family-friendly musicals. Planning a movie night? Make sure you only invite friends with tolerable voices!

'Movies Like Aquamarine': Kid-Friendly Mermaid Movies

While you might think ALL mermaid movies are kid friendly, the truth is quite the opposite (just look in the related lists) - so, we've navigated the minefield to find you most lighthearted aquatic adventures out there.