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Scorsese’s Favorite Films

Enjoy the globe-trotting list of maestro Martin Scorsese's favorite films, ranging from Japanese Civil War dramas to classic American Westerns; oh, and of course the obligatory 'Citizen Kane'.

'Movies Like The Graduate': Mid-Life Crisis Classics

While the life expectancy may have been slightly lower pre 2000, people have always been able to determine a half-way point in their lives and lament accordingly. Enjoy such fantastic mid-life classics as 'The Leopard' and 'Bridges of Madison County'!

Miss Downton Abbey?

Then why not enjoy this list of big houses, and dramas both upstairs and downstairs. Includes Stephen Fry's directorial debut "Bright Young Things" and late period Robert Altman classic "Gosford Park" (Also featuring Stephen Fry)

Best 60s Romance Movies

If you're an Audrey Hepburn fan, you’ll fall in love with this collection of the 60s best romantic efforts. If not, there’s some less wholesome tales to draw you in, namely 'Lolita'. All's fair in Love and War...try telling that to the judge you bloody pervert.

Movies Like Cinema Paradiso: Magical Italian Cinema

The Italians have produced some truly magical classics over the years, including 'Il Postino', 'Life is Beautiful', and 'Cinema Paradiso'.