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Movies Like A Quiet Place: Smart Indie Horror

Try our selection of genuinely intelligent indie horrors for a change of pace, including the deftly crafted 'A Quiet Place', and superb zomcom horror 'Pontypool'.

'Movies Like Alchemist Cookbook': Almost too Indie to Horror

The horrors on this list are almost too indie to horror, in the sense they manage to deliver chills while scraping by on the smallest of budgets, and toeing the line of straight hipsterdom.

'Movies Like The Neon Demon': The Dark Side of Hollywood

Anyone who has tried (unsuccessfully) to break into Hollywood knows its just one big, damn cult; these chilling films play on that theme, featuring protagonists who must go through some pretty horrifying stuff to 'make it'.

'Movies Like The Invitation': Dastardly Dinner Party Thrillers

This list of thrillers will have you ticking no on your next RSVP; watch as casual dinner parties turn into bloodbaths, in films like 'Truth or Die' and 'You're Next'.