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Asian American Comedy Movies

A selection of eclectic Asian American comedy movies, many of them Netflix originals.

Movies Like The Kissing Booth: Netflix Original Teen Movies

High school politics, crushes, and the desire to "escape this town" feature largely in Netflix's take on the teen experience.

'Movies Like Imagine Me and You': Lesbian Comedy Movies

These films range from lighthearted comedy to dramedy.

'Movies Like 500 Days of Summer': Modern Indie Romantic Comedy

Wait, you like The Smiths too? Wait, you are also discontented with the current state of popular culture? Wait, you are also on the brink of transitioning from one life-stage to another and find it troublesome to manage? Maybe, we should fall in love and have beautiful, sullen children with silly names like 'Gideon'! Right, that's enough abuse. These are the best modern Romantic Comedies with an indie feel!