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'Peck to Eastwood': The Ageing Gunfighter

Every self-respecting Western movie lover knows all about the young gunslingers – think Billy the Kid, Johnny Ringo, Jesse James. But what about the other guys? The ones who lived by the gun but somehow were always faster, better, smarter than anyone else? - Jenny Peters

'Movies Like Fort Apache': Sweeping Western Classics

This collection contains the very best western gems from before the turn of the millennium, all the way from 'Fort Apache' to 'Unforgiven'! Adventure simply doesn't get more enjoyable (and American) than this!

'Movies Like My Darling Clementine': Classic Western Romance

Movies in the vein of 'My Darling Clementine'; what woman doesn't love a rough and ready cowboy? It may be slightly awkward when they put you over their knee and spank you though, as John Wayne was wont to do.