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'Movies Like Wanted': Highly Stylized Action

Back in the day they said comic books rotted your brain, then they said watching TV rotted your brain - so, what do you think a movie that looks like a comic book is gonna do to the old grey matter? Only one way to find out!

'Movies Like Ong Bak': Thrilling Foreign Hidden-Gems

The contemporary crème de la crème de crime from around the globe (try saying that three times fast), including superb prison flick 'A Prophet' and Scandinavian heist-thriller 'Headhunters'. If you don't mind subtitles, then you're in for a treat!

'Current Chuckles': Fresh Asian Comedy

A list of contemporary comedy movies that hail from the Far East. Check one out for a different flavor of humor, in particular 'Miss Granny' - the latest smash hit from our Korean cousins!

'Movies Like The Good, the Bad, the Weird': Lo-Mein Westerns

A surprisingly well received little niche: Wild Westerns from the Far East. Make sure to check out 'The Good, the Bad, the Weird' if you haven't already, for a classic treasure hunting adventure set in 1940s Manchuria.

'Movies Like John Carter': Modern 'Weird West' Adventure

Adventures in the vein of 'John Carter'; 'Weird West' is a genre that combines sci-fi, fantasy, or just plain weirdness with elements of traditional westerns. So forget straight-laced John Wayne types and start expecting the inexplicable!