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Benedict Cumberbatch Movies

Despite sounding like a character from a British children's book published circa 1935, Benedict Cumberbatch has proven himself time and time again a capable leading man, most recently in his role as English mathematician Alan Turing in 'The Imitation Game'.

'Movies Like Tron': Best Hacker Movies

A collection of techno-thriller/ cyberpunk movies we made to appease the hackers out there, and protect our own fragile site from attack.

'Hot Off The Presses': Journalistic Integrity Thrillers

These cinematic journalists will go through hell to get their story; depicting everything from the exposure of the Watergate scandal to Truman Capote's harrowing relationship with murderer Perry Smith, these journalistic thrillers are sure to deliver the scoop.

Viva La Revolutionary Biopics!

Rage against the machine as you consume these hollywood produced blockbusters on your macbook in a pair of nike sweatpants, you dirty, hypocrite fascist you!