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List Of 2003 Science Fiction Films

Two Matrix films and the Animatrix, what more do you want?? Don't like it? There's always the blue pill.

'Anime Like Appleseed': Best Sci-Fi Anime

One of the many great products of Japan's love-affair with technology is their sci-fi - combine that with their unique animation style, and you're left with a sub-genre that has resulted in some of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all time, including 'Metropolis' and 'Ghost in the Shell'.

Your Introduction to Anime

Here is an introduction to some great anime, modern and classic, drama, sci-fi, action, and romance. You're guaranteed to find a gem you haven't heard of in here (or you just watch too many cartoons, grow up).

Shows like Black Mirror: Mind Bending Anthology Series

A mix of the best animated and live action science fiction, horror, and fantasy anthology series. A succession of high quality stand-alone stories that share a common feel. This genre originated in the 1950s with Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone, and is experiencing a renaissance with shows like Black Mirror and Love, Death, and Robots

'Anime Like Akira': Cyberpunk Anime

The Japanese were very quick to pick up on the Cyberpunk movement, and it wasn't long before they combined the core themes of the genre with the surreal visual language of anime. Enjoy the fruits of that marriage with such modern classics as 'Akira' and 'Metropolis'.

'Movies Like Equilibrium': Cyberpunk in the 21st Century

Set in futuristic dystopias, Cyberpunk narratives focus on the alienation of human beings in societies driven, surveilled, and organized by technology. Another key element is the focus on low-lives in a high-tech world. And yes, we know the Matrix was 1999. But it hardly feels dated!