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'Stop Looking at me Swan!': Happy Madison Productions

Movies from before and after Adam Sandler got angry and sad, all from his pioneering studio 'Happy Madison Productions'. Because how else would Rob Schneider get work!

'Movies Like The Hot Chick': Comedy in the Sandler School

How to define Sandler's unique comedic style? Goofy, warm, relatable, gruff? These films take the Sandman's aesthetic and run with it - for some similarly light-hearted and consistently entertaining results.

'Movies Like The Hot Chick': Rob Schneider Takes the Lead!

Rob Schneider comes out from under Adam Sandler's shadow and claims the spot of leading man, in these goofy comedies sure to delight anyone who has quoted 'You can do it!'.

'Movies Like Click': Magical Sandlerealism Movies

A term coined by academics at NYU, 'Magical Sandlearism' is a sub-genre of magical realism starring Adam Sandler. It marks an important break from strands of earlier magical realism, led by removed academic types, such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Salman Rushdie.