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Best 70s Horror Movies

Known as the slasher's heyday, the 70s has a lot to offer horror-hounds, and we've collected the cream of the crop. Check out 'The Other' for a suitably creepy hidden-gem featuring a set of twins on an isolated farm; one seems like a norma little boy, the other... not so much.

'Movies Like Poltergeist': Classic Ghost Stories

The ghost story is a tried and true way to chill an audience, delve into our list of the most spine tingling examples from before the year 2000, including seminal haunted-house flick 'The Innocents' and Kubrick's enduring psychological-horror 'The Shining'.

'Movies Like The Innocents': Haunted House Classics

Looking for a classic spook-fest? It doesn't get much more classic than this collection of haunted house greats from across the years, including psychological, British masterpiece 'The Innocents' and the film that arguably kicked off the genre: 'House on Haunted Hill'.

'Movies Like Amityville Horror': An Invite to Amityville

Few stories have inspired as many horror movies as the legendary Amityville haunting, and we've collected the very best of them. The only question you'll have at the end of this list is why don't they tear the damn thing down!

'Movies Like The Exorcist': Classic Possession Movies

Old-school demonic possession flicks, in the vein of 'The Exorcist'; especially terrifying for those who attended Catholic School, and those with daughters who have a penchant for playing with ouija boards.