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'Movies Like Casablanca': Film Studies Staples

If you're in an introductory film studies class the odds are you will have to watch the vast majority, if not all, of the films on this list. If you haven't taken one yet, why not get started on your homework in advance!

Woody Allen's Favorite Films

Enjoy this list of Woody Allen's all time favorite films. Hint: you won't find too many Michael Bay numbers on here. On the plus side, if the color on your TV is busted you won't know the difference, because pretty much everything is black and white!

'Movies Like Kids': Classic Juvenile Delinquent Movies

A collection of the baddest boys and girls, from duck tails to the grunge days. The more things change, the more teenagers remain hormone fueled morons. Check out 'Bad Boys' for one of Sean Penn's breakout roles!

Best of French New Wave

Started by French auteurs in the 1950s and 60s, the New-Wave movement was about bypassing traditional narratives in favor of stories that addressed social issues of the time.

'A List with a Cause': 50s JD Movies

This list's cause is to bring you the very finest films from the original JD film movement. From Truffaut’s chef-d’oeuvre to James Dean’s most iconic role, these classics prove the timelessness of youthful rebellion (if not the timelessness of 1950s fashion choices).