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'Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth': Modern Foreign Horror

Looking for a little culture in your life? Try these hand-picked contemporary foreign-language horror flicks, including critically-acclaimed Swedish chiller 'Let the Right One In' and definitive New-French-Extremity exemplar 'High Tension'. Remember: you don't need subtitles for a scream!

'Movies Like Constantine': Fantasy Served Dark

One of the worst collections you could ever watch with a friend on LSD: these post 2000 flicks delve into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, through fantastic imagery and nightmarish storylines.

'Movies Like Cold Prey': Scandinavia's Worst Nightmares

As Swedish modern classic 'Let the Right One In' proved, the Scandinavians get horror. See what other horror gems the Nordic lands have to offer, including 'Sauna' from Finland and 'Hidden' from Norway'.

'Movies Like Rare Exports': Disturbing Scandinavian Fairy-Tales

When the sun doesn't set half the year, it's probably pretty difficult to get your kids to fall asleep. Maybe that's why the Scandinavians invented all these terrifying fairy-tales, to get their youngsters cowering under the covers! Make sure to check out criminally underwatched Finnish masterpiece 'Rare Exports', for a seriously twisted take on Saint Nick.