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Movies Like Hacksaw Ridge: Great Anti-War Movies

Near the end of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece 'Apocalypse Now', the moribund Colonel Kurtz murmurs 'The Horror, The Horror!'. Such, and other cinematic testaments, drive home the absurdity and waste inherent in warfare.

'Movies Like Pretty in Pink': Best of the Brat Pack Movies

The 'Brat Pack' describes a group of up and coming young actors in the 80s who frequently starred in coming-of-age movies together, including John Cusack, Molly Ringwald, and Demi Moore. Check out the fruits of their collaboration right here!

'Movies Like the Outsiders': 1980s Baddest Delinquents

It seems like every coming-of-age drama to emerge from the 80s Brat Pack era concerned a group of young male rebels fighting authority. Well, we're not complaining since it gave us 'Bad Boys', 'Young Guns', and 'Rumble Fish' - Chuck on your leather jacket and enjoy!

'Movies Like Full Metal Jacket': Hard-Nosed Military Academy Movies

Remember when your parents threatened to send you to military academy as a teenager? After watching these movies, you'll thank God they didn't, and all your major malfunctions went more or less unquestioned.