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Ewan McGregor Movies

All these powerful dramatic roles and all we can think of him as is Obi-Wan. Oh well, if you haven't seen Episode 1, perhaps you'll get to know Ewan McGregor as a hapless Scottish smackhead or hardened Australian criminal.

Danny Boyle Movies

British director Danny Boyle most recently enchanted audiences with feel-good modern fairy-tale 'Slumdog Millionaire', and before that collaborated with Irvine Welsh on 'Trainspotting', as well as frightening the hell out of London residents with 2002 horror masterpiece '28 Days Later'. Clearly a man who can tackle any genre with competence, our biggest question is a genuine one: what will he do next?

'Movies Like Requiem for a Dream': Contemporary Addiction Struggles

Everything in moderation does not apply to the protagonists in this contemporary list of addiction dramas, including critically-acclaimed Denzel flick 'Flight' and eye-opening drama 'Shame', which delves into the world of sex-addiction.

Irvine Welsh Movies

The twisted mind who brought you Trainspotting has plenty more surreal, working-class, Scottish insanity to offer.

'Movies Like Trainspotting': The Wee List A' Scottish NEDS

Movies in the vein of 'Neds': this wee collection of Scottish lowlife crime is sure to leave you Glasgow-grinning from ear to ear. Some guidance for our foreign viewers: Chib = knife, Bas = bastard, Bairn = baby, Ned = Non Educated Delinquent!