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'Oh How Humourous!': A Spot O' Modern British Comedy

This collection features the best of British comedy from the turn of the millennium to the present day. Laugh along with the likes of Steve Coogan, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and Jude Law. Remember, you can't spell humour without U!

Martin Freeman Movies

Whether he's dealing with an insufferable boss in the world's most dysfunctional office or attempting to nick a dragon's hoard, Freeman brings an understated, everyman charm to every role he plays. Make sure to check him out in British family hidden-gem 'Nativity', which received very little publicity in the states.

'Movies Like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice': Raunchy Swinging Flicks

From 'Bob & Carol' to 'Swinging With The Finkels', these couple-swapping swinger flicks will have you looking at your best friends' wives in a whole new light. Just make sure they don't catch you!