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'Movies Like House of 1000 Corpses': Neo-Grindhouse Horror

Exploitation horror is revived with this collection of modern horror movies with a grindhouse feel, including gratuitous teen horror 'Piranha 3D', frankly ill-conceived Japanese effort 'Father's Day', and Tarantino gem 'Death Proof'. Horror doesn't get bloodier than this!

'Movies Like Inglourious Basterds': Neo-Grindhouse Action

Why is Grindhouse, AKA exploitation-cinema, back in vogue? Undoubtedly it has something to do with the influence of cinematic maverick Quentin Tarantino. But perhaps it's also because Hollywood has realized all people really want is explosions, nudity, and chicks with machine guns for legs!

'Movies Like The Big Doll House': Unfair Incarceration Grindhouse

A niche exploitation genre focusing on the erotic travails of incarcerated females, many imprisoned for no other crime than being too sexy. One thing's for sure - the lawyers involved should be promptly disbarred.

Women in Prison-Sploitation

WiP exploitation films started in infamy in the 1960s and continue to be produced into the present day. Watch with caution; while it may be a genre of interest from a film historical perspective, it ain’t pretty.