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'Scalpel, Damnit!': Medical Drama Movies

Enjoy this collection of medical dramas featuring concussed athletes, mentally ill inmates, and the downright diseased. Come prepared with a box of tissues, tearjerkers abound!

'Movies Like Waiting to Exhale': Classic Female Buddy Flicks

Move aside, “Bridesmaids”: Our love of these besties has been burning since “Beaches” and “Thelma and Louise”. While some are more comedic and some more dramadic, each celebrates the bond of friendship between women. So go on and embrace the womance!

'Cry With The Classics': Terminal Illness Classics

The greatest tearjerkers from yesteryear tracing heroic patients as they come to terms with the final realities of life much sooner than they expected to, and must make peace with their fellow man, themselves, and the Almighty. Keep the Kleenex handy!