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Channing Tatum Movies

Nicholas Sparks must have done a double take when he saw Channing Tatum queing up for 'Dear John': rarely has their been an actor so perfectly suited to making teenage girls go soft about the eyes and weak about the knees. Further strengthen that unfulfillable crush by checking out his most romantic roles.

Movies Like The Fault in Our Stars: Best Modern Teen Love Movies

Nobody falls in love like a teen, as this eclectic bunch of 21st century movies can attest to.

Channing Tatum Romance

We can only guess how women leapt for joy when it was announced Channing Tatum would star in a movie about male-strippers. Yet as his recent role in 'Foxcatcher' proves, this hunk is far more than a pretty face and impossibly defined set of abs. Seriously, he has like 12?

'Movies Like Stomp the Yard': Freshest Break Dance Movies

Only the freshest break dancing and b-boy movies have made it on to this list, guaranteed to make you break out the boombox and adidas track suit, just like old times.

'Movies like Step Up': Most Romantic Dance Movies

Dancing face to face in defiance of various social norms - how could you not fall in love, ask these modern teen dance movies?