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Modern Clint Eastwood Efforts

With recent Oscar Best-Picture nominee 'American Sniper', Clint Eastwood cemented his reputation as one of America's leading directors. Enjoy this and other gritty masterpieces like 'Gran Torino', 'Million Dollar Baby', and 'Unforgiven', with our comprehensive collection of Clint's contemporary directorial efforts.

'Movies Like October Sky': Feel Good Astronaut Movies

To be honest, Astronauts probably don't feel good very often - they're always under extreme G-Force, lightyears from their families, pounding little dried ice-cream sandwhiches. Still, at the very least WE can feel good watching them, with these heartwarming astro-tales!

'Only As Old As You Feel': OAP Comedy Movies

A list of comedies starring mature protagonists: proof that you're only as old as you feel (mentally that is, physically you are precisely the age you are). Make sure to check out 'Last Vegas' for the Hangover franchise + a few decades!