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Movies Like Surviving The Game: 'Most Dangerous Game' Classics

Ever since Richard Connell penned his short story 'The Most Dangerous Game', films have been produced about sadistic hunters tracking human targets. Enjoy the best of the bunch, pre 2000.

'Look Away, Look Away': Southern Gothic Classics

Featuring the works of writers like Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, and Harper Lee. Gritty, romantic, and sometimes surreal dramas set in declining pockets of the American South. It's difficult to really get the Southern Gothic aesthetic until you start watching, so pick a flick and dive in!

'Movies Like Deliverance': Classic Backwoods Horror

This list will make you squeal like a pig - in delight that is! We've collated all things hick, heckle, and hack: classic killers in blue jean overalls up to the 21st century, all for your viewing pleasure.