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'Movies Like Shame': Best NC-17 Movies

We really should have one of those little pop up things that porn sites have making you confirm your age. Ah hell, like that's ever stopped an underage kid. So, whatever your age, enjoy this cornucopia of smut, blood, and nihilism!

'Movies Like Showgirls': Stripper Stories

What else are you going to do with all those old dollar bills? This collection features the best 'exotic dance' movies; with 'Magic Mike' and 'The Full Monty' for the ladies, and 'Showgirls' for the lads.

'Movies Like Nymphomaniac': Best Erotic Movies

We all wish we had a “Secretary” even if just for some “Body Heat”; we will keep our “Eyes Wide Shut” as you add these sultry films to your Watchlist.